Lys: A Matter Of Eggs

Aithne was just finishing up her task when a basket of eggs was thrust into her hands. "T-t-take these down to the c-c-cloister, w-will you, Aithne? It s-s-seems they're a l-little l-l-low on them, and heaven kn-n-nows we have more than we c-c-can h-handle right n-n-now."

Aithne smiled at the girl. Poor Balba. She hoped one day the stuttering would resolve itself, but until then, patience ruled the day. "Of course, Balba. See you in a bit."

Going out by way of the garden, she made her way to the cloister kitchen. As soon as she entered, she noted Gaius's wife holding court, as usual. "Lucretia, I've brought some eggs-"

She stopped when she saw her shadow sitting by the fire, looking happily miserable, and she suddenly remembered Gaius's hand, and wondered what had happened in her absence...

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