Lys: Distraction

Aithne looked up as the Guttersnipe came in. The dancing light of the braziers reflected off the girl's face, showing tear tracks that would've otherwise stayed hidden. She wanted to go and hug her, but she knew it was not something the Guttersnipe would understand- or, if she did, wouldn't care for. No, only Jason had that privilage.

So she walked up quietly and said, "So. You are here, too?" A pause. "I'm glad of it, if you are. I don't like to think of you out there..." She trailed off a moment, then, with forced cheerfulness, added, "And besides, your Jason is here."

Aithne realized she was trying to distract the Guttersnipe, and she wasn't even sure the girl needed distraction. So she gave a little huff at herself and restarted. "Want to help me get these rolls arranged where Jason wants them?"

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