Jenny: Things Unsaid

The Guttersnipe paused where she stood in the vestibule doorway, a bucket for water in one hand, looking back at Artos as he sat by Ambrosius and Caleb and Gaius. A little frown pulled between her brows. He did not tell the part where she tried to kiss him, she thought, half-reproachful, though she knew he had left it out to save her the rage. And she was angry, though she had covered it up in her pride over his victory. But it was the natural thing to have done, she considered, in such a circumstance. Gwenhywfer would have, and found the man's knife as she did so. She would have herself, if she were taller and did not look so perpetually like a little girl.

She swung round and jumped off the step, trotted to the well. As she hauled on the rope, Domitia and the boy came up through the gateway, and she hailed them.

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