Lys: A Thing of Power

Aithne stared at him. Strong, perhaps, but small. And what was the boy to do, with two broken arms? For a moment she stood uncomprehending, disbelieving. But she shook out of it and told the boy to wait a moment.

She turned and went over to the Guttersnipe and the bandages. "I'm to go out and help the wounded in. I should take some of these, just in case..." she took a breath and held it a moment. "In case some are very close." Close to what was obvious.

She gathered some bandages into a bag, and slung it across her body. "Guttersnipe... Guttersnipe, before I go, I just wanted to tell you..." She put a hand on the girl's arm. "My name, my real name, is Aithne." Stepping back, she raised a hand. "God keep you."

Aithne turned and made her way to the door, the boy following, as did Cu. She did not begrudge him- he might be needed to help her take them in.

Once outside, the scent of fire and turf and smoke filled her lungs and nearly choked her. Her eyes stung with it, and she shielded them so as to search more thoroughly. They made their way closer to the battle line, staying near buildings and constructs as often as possible.

"Do you see anyone, boy?"

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