Lys: Scorched

Aidan. Aithne's keening trailed out at hearing his name finally. It did not seem his name... not his earthly name, at least. It seemed to her as though the Guttersnipe had named him as he left for heaven- a better name than he'd had while on earth.

She was still reflecting on this when there was bustle at the door. Everyone flew to their stations before she even had a chance to react. Still dazed, she watched it all happen, as if dreaming.

The stench of burning flesh brought her completely to her senses, and she gaped when Bedwyr went right back out, his bloodflow barely staunched.

The others went back to scrubbing and cleaning and preparing for more people. Like Bedwyr's arm, her heart, having broken over the boy, had been scorched shut again, and it felt a little numb and throbbing. She watched with a detatched feeling, and before she knew it, she had quietly taken hold of Cu's collar and slipped back out after the men, in search of wounded.

The worst that could happen would be that she joined Aidan.

The world being what it now was, she didn't mind much.

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