Lys: Loosening Up

Aithne pursed her lips, thinking it through. Then with one fluid motion she swung her legs back over the bench and knelt behind the girl. "Arms on the table, please." The Guttersnipe obligingly bent forward and Aithne started in, trying to find exactly where the trouble was. "This would be a lot easier if you were lying down." she muttered. Also with some oil and less clothing. But she doubted the sight of the Guttersnipe laid out on one of the benches would go unnoticed in this crowd, and the latter scenario was downright impossible.

She found the trouble and massaged the unhappy muscles back where they belonged. She felt the girl stiffen a few times when she hit particularly sore spots, but she soon had things more or less put to rights.

She stood up, flexing her fingers, which were now a bit achy themselves. Sitting down again, she said "Well, that should do it." She lowered her voice- not to a whisper or conspiratorial tone, but not loud enough for the whole room to hear, either. "Truth be told, you could do with more than that. What have you been sleeping on, rocks?"

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