Lys: Dangerous Folly

Aithne slept deeply, what with her mid-night wakening and her assurance that Cu guarded her door. She woke with the sun, went through her morning routine of washing her face and braiding up her hair, and opened the door to find-

The boy was still there. On the other side of the hall, but still there. Is there no getting rid of him? She had reached her end. No more patience, no more excusing him. That was it. He would not listen to her, but Cu would, and he would listen to Cu. The dog stood and looked to her, waiting for orders. She spoke only one word. "Ionsaigh."

That was all Cu needed to know. As Aithne fled the other way, he leapt at the boy, growling, snapping, and nipping- never truly harming him, but holding him down and letting him know in no uncertain terms that he was not welcome around the dog's mistress.


Aithne fled, leaving the dog to his work, knowing that there would be no real harm done, and grateful for the chance to escape. She made straight for the villa, knowing it was a bad idea, and that it would be foolish to presume at such a time... but what else could she do? There was no other way to end it without causing real harm, and she had no desire to do that, even now.

She stopped just outside the door and forced herself to be quiet and calm as she entered the hall. Lord Ambrosius was there, as she'd hoped, and deeply busy, as she'd feared. She worked her way around the bustle until she was as close as she dared. "My lord..." she asked quietly, "My lord, forgive me, but I must beg your help-"
Oh, what would she say? "One of the boys won't leave me alone" whine-and-wail? But it was so frightening- he acted insane and obsessed, and she knew even a boy his size could cause damage. He seemed a threat not only to her, but to the balancing act they were all doing at the moment.

This would not end well.

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