Jenny: Moth-Eaten

The Guttersnipe looked round as Druce approached, brightening to see a friendly face. At his inquiry, she glanced over the room. "Ambrosius is just there," she said, pointing. "I am not seeing Caleb or Gaius - they must have slipped out a moment. There is Artos: he was fetching something off the floor." She turned back on the young man. "I was told Jason is on patrol and won't be back until midday. His mare would not be in the pen."

And then she twisted her face oddly, feeling the absence of Kay and Bedwyr somewhat keenly. She managed to warm a little to see Master Lucius come in the room, but was dampened by the sleepless look around his eyes.

"We are looking somewhat patch-worky and moth-eaten today," she murmured to Druce.

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