Lys: Half-ness

Aithne caught the exchange- Caleb's voice had brought up her head, and she followed his gaze. She noticed the drawing off as well- it was much like the Guttersnipe when upset. They both of them drew into themselves rather than make it known. She wished she could ease it as simply as she had eased the Guttersnipe's pain.

For a fleeting moment she saw something she hadn't expected. She thought, perhaps, that even he didn't recognize it in himself. In fact, she was near certain of it. But she'd lived with it long enough to recognize it in others. He was feeling his half-ness, if only for a moment. He had not met her yet, she gathered, which would be the chief reason he would not understand it. She hoped he would not have to live with it as long as she had.

Though any moment could be the final one, at this point. We none of us may have to live with anything for long. She found herself wishing Cunorix would attack and have it done. Thinking of him out there, drawing closer but not yet here... she shuddered and turned her mind towards the present, hoping for happier things.

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