Lys: Different Circles

Well, at least he's willing to give me a chance...

"Apparently... well, I'm trying to find my way around here. And as I said, your valley is different from what I know, and I have a lot of adjusting to do. So... would you be willing to help me? To show me how things work and what someone like me is supposed to do and not do?" She looked towards the kitchen door. "I would ask the Guttersnipe but... she and I do not seem to cross paths much." Indeed, the Guttersnipe was well established in her place- grounded and secure in her station as Lord Ambrosius's ward and more or less a pet of Lord Artos's companions. By contrast, Aithne's security seemed grounded in the lower circles- amongst the serving girls and kitchen staff. Perhaps it was her years as a slave, perhaps her upbringing of serving the clan, but she felt like an imposter when trying to be like the Guttersnipe, however much it seemed expected of her.

It was clear she needed help properly finding her feet.

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