Lys: History

There was an unexpected question- and one she had not heard often in her life.

"Yes... no... that is, I did. It's been ten years since last I saw him. I do not know if he still lives, and if he does, he may have married another by now." She looked up. "We were only promised, you see. I have no real claim. So. I did have a man. But that changed when I was taken."

She sat a moment, remembering. "It was a night raid. One moment I was bidding him farewell for the night, and the next time I saw him he was fighting for his life and I was over a saddle, being carried away from everything I knew.

"I've been through this once already. Cunorix himself brought me over-sea. I don't look forward to meeting him again." She buried her head in her hands. "I've finally found a place that is stable and worth loving, and he is poised to snatch it away again."

Taking another deep breath, she continued. "I'm not like you and the Guttersnipe. I can't go out with sword and shield. What are we supposed to do when the time comes? We, the children and the women? Are we to have weapons thrust in our hands as well? Is there some place for us? What am I to do, besides pick apples and wait for death to invade?"

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