Jeanne: Witch

Druce turned from the horses' pen in surprise to face the person who came flying toward the stables, snapping out a hand involuntarily and catching her by the arm. He drew her up and looked into her face; it was the woman from Over-Seas, trembling from head to toe. He could hear her heart pounding and there was a wildness in her eyes that made him hold her out at arm's length. "Ho, girl!" he said. "What are you about? I thought you were to help the Guttersnipe in the orchard. Where are you running to?" He spoke as gently as his surprise allowed, but the thought flashed briefly through his mind that she was trying to get away from the villa and he wondered if she truly was a spy. "What are you about?"

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molly jean said...

All very interesting and well written! I live in Texas, USA. But love reading history of early Britain, Romans, Celts, Anglo-Saxons, etc.
Also love Tolkien, Lewis, Sutcliff...

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