Jenny: Sunshine in the Orchard

Putting the pup down to run off after its fellows, Ambrosius replied to Domitia: "We are none of us free. We are each of us confined to some duty or higher authority, and the sooner we come to acknowledge that, the smoother our lives will be." He got to his feet. "Don't begrudge the pup his herding. He finds you worth the herding."

A moment later the Guttersnipe had emerged, the bangles on her wrists ringing as she swung her arms around Artos' shoulders, casting up a warm, welcoming glance at Gaius and Caleb as they stood by conversing. Artos shook her off and pointed toward the door, and her face fell a little: Jason would not come back until midday. But, seeing Ambrosius, her face brightened and she left the young men to join him.

"Good morning!" she said, reaching up on tiptoe to kiss his cheek. The bangles rang as she took his hand in both of hers and shook it about playfully. "You are not looking very solemn."

"My little sunshine just came out," he told her. Her cheeks glowed. "And my little sunshine needs to eat and put on her shoes because I am going to have her picking apples today."

A cloud passed across her face. "Today, Ambrosius?"

He nodded. "Take Frip and Domitia's dog with you - you'll find he can sport a fine set of teeth, I think - and stay close to the house. But I am needing you to do some work and stay out of trouble. You can be my eyes and ears in the orchard."

"Then I will be your eyes and ears in the orchard." She nodded, gathering her skirts about her as though to go then and there.

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