Jenny: The Training of Cu Chulainn

"Thank you..." The Guttersnipe took the bucket from Wulf and swung back round, decorating the front of her gown with an arc of silver droplets. "But of course!" she told Domitia, squinting against the garish sun. "He was meaning for you to bring up your dog to watch us. And are you coming, boy?"

He stepped forward to take the bucket out of her hands, then remembered with a flicker of pain across his face that his arms were broken. She felt sorry for him, so she added, "It is hardly heavy. I can manage."

His face was still clouded for a moment, but then he recovered himself and said, "Surely I am coming with you. You'll need some man to watch over you. You can't trust dogs."

"No," the Guttersnipe said, wholly without laughter. "I'll be glad having you watching over us. Now come on, Empty Belly. Breakfast is being set."

She swung in side by side with Domitia, the boy trotted ahead of them with Frip.

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