Lys: Cassandra

Lucretia put her hands on her hips and eyed Aithne, as if summing her up. "Hmm... I heard you patched Druce up earlier today. Is that so?"

Aithne nodded. "Yes..."

"Then you come with me. There'll be plenty more patching to do, I'm thinking."

A little puzzled as to exactly what they were going to do, Aithne followed Lucretia out into the atrium. Benches and tables and blankets were in various stages of being arranged, and water pails stood by the door. "Better start filling those... Jason will need them."

So. The villa was to be the surgeon's place. She'd been taught various treatments in the healing line, but she had a moment of trepidation, seeing things laid out thus. For a moment she saw the Guttersnipe laid out on one, and Caleb on another... Then she shook her head and gritted her teeth, forcing the vision out of her head. It will not happen. God is with us. All the same, she knew it was possible. God's plans were beyond her. But it would not do to dwell on it.

She picked up two buckets and headed for the well, focusing her mind on the task at hand.


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I feel for Domitia...

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