Lys: Horror

Cathair rode away shaken. He had nearly murdered a woman, and the boy... he was not certain of the boy, but the whole experience haunted him. And he could not shake the impression that she had looked like... But it couldn't be. And he couldn't wait to find out. This far in, he had to keep alert for the enemy. Realizing how far ahead he'd come, he turned back and started doing his best to open a path for his fellow soldiers. The battle was going hard- these half-Romans were better fighters than he expected. But it would not be long before he and his fellows gained the victory...


"He will not be needing the horse and the dog now."

That was it. Aithne could not... She could not be strong any longer. She wanted to be- she didn't want...

She fell to her knees and cried out, tears streaming down her face. "NO!" she screamed, gritting her teeth and pounding the bench where the boy lay. "NO! Not him... he shouldn't... he was... not him..."

She pressed her fists into her eyes and wept, a mixture of disbelief, anger, and heartbreak. She'd tried to push him away so many times... It was madness to send him out there... If she hadn't moved out into the open to look more closely...

She could not be quiet. She knew it was the last thing that was needed, but she could do nothing else.

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