Lys: Trouble

Aithne jumped at the sound, looking up and towards the door.

Then she started twitching. The headache had been a warning, she now realized. She should've laid down, eaten something... but with stress, hunger, tiredness, and now a fright, it was too late.

That was her last thought before they jumbled up and made no sense. She at least managed to sit herself on the floor, rather than fall, as she usually did.

It was some time before her mind and body calmed themselves and she once more made sense of things. She lay there a moment, curled on her side, listening to the dogs. Taking stock of herself, she realized her skirt had tangled up just above her knees, and she tugged it down. She didn't want to get up, but she knew she had to move. The dogs' barking was not a good sign.

She shifted into a sitting position and laid her head against the wall. "I'm sorry.."

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