Lys: Immanuel

Aithne allowed herself to be led off. She didn't want to be helpless. She cursed her illness for being so uncontrolable.

Her strength returned as she walked, her head clearing with each step. By the time she was deposited at the kitchen table, she was almost recovered. Portia was fussing over her, which drew the attention of Lucretia, who also began fussing, until Aithne waved her off. "You have more important things to oversee. An apple and a few minutes sitting will set me to rights."
She reached for a small one and started eating. It stuck in her throat, but she took small bites and managed to get it down. Before she had finished, she called the boy to her. "I am fine now. I'll be okay. You've fulfilled your task. Now I have another one for you. I need you to find the Guttersnipe and give her a message for me. Tell her this- God holds us in his hands. He will carry us through. Do not fear- the Lord is with us."

The boy looked doubtful. Just then a dusty bale of fur came through the door, sniffing as it went. She smiled. "See? Cu will protect me in your absence." Putting a hand on the boy's shoulder, she looked him in the eye. "The Guttersnipe needs to hear that. Don't forget a word."

Then she turned him around and pushed him gently towards the door.

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