Jenny: A Queen of the Iceni

With the warm last light of the day touching the back of her neck, the Guttersnipe waddled uncomfortably up the kitchen steps and flung down a full basket of apples. She was hot and sticky, and she thought that if she was going to die, she might as well do it washed up. Calling back to Domitia, she said, "I'm going to put on a fresh gown and wash my face. I will see you in the atrium."

She pulled up her feet and grimaced at the dirty undersides of them. She had forgotten about shoes. Ignoring them, she pushed on for her sleeping chamber and shut the door behind her, perching on her stool and pulling off her soiled gown. Today was a day for the leopard-skin dress. With the ends of her hair damp from washing her face, she slipped and wriggled the dress up over her hips and smoothed it out, taking the effect as best she could. She kept on the bangles, adding to their brilliance the amber earrings, and lastly put her feet into her scarlet leather boots.

"There," she told herself. "I will disgrace no one."

She put her knife into one of her boots and stepped out to rejoin Domitia in the atrium.

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