Lys: Problem Solved

"My hair?" She eyed the thing dubiously. "I'm not sure I can do it and not cut my hair off." Her eyes narrowed as she tried to find a solution. Hitting upon an idea, she started back to the atrium, with the buckets in hand. She was not going very fast, what with the weight of them, and the boy caught up with her easily. She furrowed her brow as she looked at him, referencing his earlier question. "Do we kill ourselves? Certainly not! Do you take me for a pagan?" She set the buckets down by the empty ones and detoured to the kitchen. Once there, she rummaged around a bit before finding a small leather pouch- it was good thick leather, too. She tied it to her belt and stuck the knife in it. "There." she said. "No chance of inadvertantly slicing anything now."

She clapped the boy on his shoulder as she passed. The problem of the knife was done, and she set back to work on the water, grabbing two more buckets and walking quickly back to the well.

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Lilly said...

I love it! Domitia's so smart!

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