Lys: Complicated

Aithne listened patiently to his explanation. It took her a moment to catch his drift, but it made sense. She was about to respond when Gaius came in, dressed as a warrior and bloodied. She sat a little straighter, alarmed, and waited to hear what had happened. When he explained what had happened, her eyes widened. Cu! There was no question which dog it had been. But before she could do anything, he'd gone off to other places.

She thought back over what he had said, and found that he'd said nothing about the boy being harmed. For that she was relieved. She even managed to return to the subject when Ambrosius did, though she felt horrible for Gaius.

"I... I suppose they are, my lord. But-" she hesitated. "Must I be herded?" She paused again before speaking, unsure whether she should open up here and now. "I am trying so very hard to find my place, and..." she put up her hands in a half-desperate, half-resigned gesture. "I felt more free as a slave."

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