Lys: Companionship In Cooking

Already kneeling, Aithne bowed her head in submission. "Very well, my lord." He was right, after all. She was confined to his authority, and God's over all. It rankled to have been assigned a keeper, as though she could not care for herself, but her lord had spoken and it was for her to abide by it.

Just then, the Guttersnipe came in, and all was a flurry of smiles and embraces, and she wondered when she would find the knack of including herself or being included in such scenes.

Cu was assigned to go with the Guttersnipe. Aithne was not. So, not knowing what else to do, she slipped out and into the kitchen to help Lucretia again today. At least she knew what to do in that room. And the other girls seemed accepting of her. She gave a small, wry grin. Isn't that what you wanted, way back when, Aithne? To be a water-bearer for Lord Ambrosius? You aspired to nothing more then. Can't you be content with it now?

As she entered, she heard herself hailed, and looked up to see Portia wave at her, a smile on the young woman's face. She gave a small wave back, then joined the girl in her duties, remembering to tie a band of cloth over her hair this time. The girl prattled on about this and that, and Aithne found herself comfortably distracted for the time being. She was on her own, with good work for her hands and companionable women for her heart. Perhaps you have already found your place, Aithne.

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