Lys: Gideon

Aithne sighed. He was the surgeon, after all, and the one who knew the Guttersnipe best, with perhaps the exception of Lord Ambrosius- and that was a thin perhaps. It was his say whether she was fit for duty or not.

She nodded assent. "Then what are your orders, sir? I know my way around a sickroom and know more than a bit of battle wounds, but nothing on this scale. Tell me where-" The clamor outside drew her attention, bringing her chin up like a dog on point. Cu actually was on point beside her.

There were shouts, poundings, death-cries and screaming horses. And it came to her that it had been going on awhile, but she had not noticed. Her face went pale, and she clutched the fabric in her hands more tightly than before. Cu barked and growled, which brought her out of it. She grabbed his collar, thrusting the fabric on the nearby table and kneeling to be face-to face with the immense dog. "Hush, Cu. Hush. You are needed here, as I am. You need to help guard us, not run out to battle, brave one." She gave him a hug- a very sentimental thing to do, she knew, but she did it anyway- and stood, brushing off her dress. "Now stand guard." she said, firmly pointing towards the doorway.

Cu seemed to stand taller than his already long legs usually allowed. He trotted to the door and sat there patiently, watching it and now and then growling, though he held his bark.

She smiled at the sight. But the battle sounds were growing louder, and she prayed there would be no more blood shed than necessary. She turned and leaned on the table, silently asking for strength- for herself and for all.

Eyes closed, she spoke under her breath. "Christos, be victorious. Make Lord Ambrosius like Gideon. Take this tiny army and turn it into something larger and more frightening- make it your tool, and save your people!" Another prayer rose within her, and she knew it was not of her own thinking. She prayed it nonetheless. "And save the Gauls as well, God. Let them turn to you before they come into your court."

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