Lys: Adamant

"Perhaps so. It sits ill with me, though. Omitting something and outright lying are two different things to my mind. and lying is a sin, plain and simple. Heaven knows I am not without my own sins, but it makes it hard to believe anything he says. He is called imp and scamp, for goodness's sakes. Not exactly something that makes one think he would not cause mischief if given the chance."

She tugged at her skirt, straightening what Cu had knocked askew. "I asked him to help me find my way around. I may be silly in this, but now I fear the possibility of his leading me into yet another blunder."

Her frustration reached a breaking point, and her fists clenched. Looking up at the heavens, she exclaimed, "Oh blast it all, why can't one thing make sense? Just one thing! That's all I ask, God!" She lowered her eyes and rubbed her forehead, her voice quieter. "Just one thing I can hold and say 'This, this is a fact and it will not change or turn out to be something other than it seemed.'."

And even as she said it, she knew the answer. It wasn't the answer she wanted, but it was the only answer that mattered.

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