Jenny: Second Breakfast

The Guttersnipe rewarded Druce with a warm smile. "Yes, Druce," she said obediently, subconsciously dripping at the knees. She left him to wander toward the others and scurried herself into the kitchen with the water that was long past been wanted.

"Sha!" she breathed, plunking down the bucket. "I'm wanting some muscles in my back! Has it been so long since I was dancing on a horse?"

"Go be asking your surgeon about them, then," retorted Portia, snatching up the bucket. "He knows his muscles from his bones."

She liked that idea, but did not say so, and, twitching her nose, she went back out into the atrium to join the others, wishing for a bit of dancing on horseback, knowing she was not going to get anything near it for a while - if they lived to see tomorrow. She rejoined Domitia, sitting by her to keep her company, between her and Caleb. The broken-winged boy sat on Domitia's right, swinging his legs, waiting expectantly for his second breakfast.

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