Lys: Mad Creature

Aithne began to think the boy was mad, and her face and tone reflected her wariness. "Giants? Barbarians? Did you hit your head on a rock, that you think yourself a dog? I have a dog already, thank you."

Cu, sensing his mistress's distress as only he could, set up a low growl of warning.

She put a hand on the massive wolfhound's shoulder, taking comfort in his presence, and addressed the boy again. "Go to your bed, or your kennel, or wherever it is you sleep. Please, please leave me be."

She looked down at her dog, and spoke to him in Gaelic. “Cú, tá sé bheith as do mheabhair. Brethnaím é." With one last look at her unwelcome guest, she nodded and said a formal "Slán leat, boy.” then turned and went back into her room and shut the door, knowing Cu would follow her instructions.

The dog watched her go, then stared down the boy who was only slightly taller than he. Though he remained unmoved, another low growl came from his throat.


Jenny said...

“Cú, tá sé bheith as do mheabhair. Brethnaím é."

English: "Cu, the boy is insane. Watch him." Implied is "Chase him off if he tries anything."


Jenny said...

Editorial comment- "Slan leat" is goodbye, but in Irish there are two different ways of saying goodbye, depending on if you're the one leaving or if you're the one staying. Technically, Aithne should've said "Slan agat", since she left, but she said it the other way. Basically, she gave him a polite "Get lost".


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