Jenny: Master Lucius

It was the pigeon who answered, gesturing almost theatrically toward him. "This is Master Lucius, and he is brilliant."

"I am Master Lucius," he added with one hand raised to ward off any other pigeon comments, "and your fate is in my hands. But I have never been one to be cruel or unjust with those in my hands; you may be assured of that."

He twisted in his chair to address the Guttersnipe. "Have you eaten yet?" he inquired.

"Not yet." She stooped and tucked the scarlet mantle tighter around him. She straightened to survey her work. "We have only just come up from the stream." Then he caught her giving him a pointed look, and he turned back to Wulf.

"That will do for now. After breakfast the Guttersnipe will show Domitia her work. Take her to the kitchens, Wulf; the Guttersnipe will be along in a moment." Waving one hand, signet ring flashing dull fire in the sunlight, he took up another of his tablets and began running down the lists.

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