Lys: Altercation

Aithne had almost come full circle, and still no one had arrived.

The moon had risen above the tree line and she could see again. She looked back on her work and was satisfied. She'd done well- the garden looked very pretty, and the fountain in its centre glowed with the moonlight.

Suddenly she heard a commotion in the glass room a little ways off. She was ready to hide until she heard a familiar voice- it was the young girl. And she wasn't the only one in there. It did not sound good.

Aithne gripped her broom and started towards the glass enclosure- moving carefully. After all, the girl was a fellow slave, and she may be getting disciplined for something.

She had just crept up when one of the panels flew open and a tall, determined figure strode right into her.

Still clutching the broom before her, she fell backwards, looking up at him with wide eyes, praying she hadn't just run into her Master.

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