Lys: A Prayer

The hand that held Aithne's tightened ever so slightly, as though the girl was trying not to tighten it. She looked up to see the Guttersnipe's jaw clenched, a look of determination on her face. She lowered her gaze quickly. Whatever the girl was grappling with, it was somthing she did not want to share- did not even want known.

So Aithne kept her head down, resting it against the side of the couch and leaving the girl to her privacy. Christos, I have no idea what is going on here. I seem to have stepped into the midst of a raging storm and I have few bearings. Protect us, oh Lord. Master Lucius, Lady Gwenhwyfar, Wulf, and especially the Guttersnipe here. She is unused to this life. Don't let her be hurt again.

Footsteps outside interrupted her prayer. Gwenhwyfar.

She gave the Guttersnipe's hand a little squeeze.

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