Jenny: Peas

Wulf stopped in the act of leaving the room, having finished his task. "I ate before the sun came up," he said; "and I'll eat after it goes down." Then he nodded and passed on back into the hallway through the pale patches the skylights made on the floor.


Having paused to wash a chalk drawing off the wall where someone had decided to give the painting of Charun what appeared to be a pet lobster, the Guttersnipe wound her way through the back passages to the kitchen. Wulf passed her with a wave of his hand.

She dodged two of the workers, grabbed a basket of peas and a heel of bread, and slid onto a bench across from Domitia. Tearing off a piece of bread with her teeth, she fell to shelling the peas. "What have you got?" she asked, jerking her head at the other's breakfast.

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