Lys: Reports

"That sounds wonderful." She munched her last few berries. Asking Wulf would be a bit of a kink in things, but she wasn't about to ask Mordred. She shuddered.

"I suppose the reports I've heard of Vortigern are skewed. Most are, when they have far to come. Fair enough. I just don't want to be too close to him when your Lord Ambrosius arrives."

The Guttersnipe continues to ignore the others in the room, so Aithne tries to do the same, though if she was here alone she would not dare be so bold.

"I'm sorry I have so many questions- you can blame my father for that- but who cooks for Master Lucius?"


Anthony said...

I have indeed 'randomly stumbled' upon your blog from another time, courtesy of time travelling via google alert, and 'sun horse moon horse'. For obvious reasons - to yourself if not all followers - I suspect it will interest you that I have so travelled ... from

Jenny said...

Well, I... I say... It's astonishingly good to meet you, Mr Anthony. I am honoured by your visit. Thank you for the link to your site; I hope to make good use of it.


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