Lys: New Duties

Horse blankets? Well, it was certainly novel. She'd never done it before. But if she could have an old one for a model, she thought she could do it.

"I can sew, sir." she said as he took a drink of water. He went on before she could say else, and there wasn't really anything for her to say, anyway.

He professed no love for Vortigern, and she was glad of it. She found it curious that he would stay under the man's roof, but did not think it was her place to ask.
She was not sure what she thought of being the second half of a group that included Wulf the Silent Giant. The Guttersnipe was, according to the master, not a slave- a confusing statement, considering she called him Master and in all things acted the part of a slave. Though, upon reflection, Aithne observes it is as much as a daughter would do for an ailing father...

"...At the moment I am inclined to think that it would be entirely unsafe for you to be anything but a slave. Now, if you have any questions about your place, you may ask me. I am sure the Guttersnipe can educate you in particular matters."

Aithne did have a few questions. How to word them properly?
"Sir, I do have questions, please. Why would I be anything but my master's slave? And, might I know my master's name?"

She had no idea what he meant by her being something other than a slave. At least, her ideas were either too wonderful or too frightening to consider. Beyond that, she did not know how such a change would put her in danger. She didn't wish to seem rude or stupid about that, though. She would ask the Guttersnipe later.

It was odd, refering to this young man as "Master". She'd never had a master- nor mistress- that was so close to her age. It would take some getting used to.

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