Lys: A Shade of Green

Aithne nodded at the Guttersnipe's words on cooking. From what Master Lucius had said earlier, she imagined he did a lot of things autonimously. And yet the Guttersnipe seemed to not hold Vortigern responsible for such precautions. There were politics and posturings here that she did not know- and might not know for some time. Such things were not considered necessary for the slave of a tennant to know.

She followed the girl out to the stables. The familiar scent of horses came on the breeze, and she sighed. She'd known others to say they stank, but in her opinion, cows were worse many times over. And horses were prettier, as well. Besides, the smell reminded her of home.

The Guttersnipe was right. The felt was pretty. "Indeed. It's lovely." She smiled. "It reminds me of the groves in Ibernia. And nicely thick, too. Your horses will be kept very warm this winter. I mean- well, are they Lord Vortigern's horses or Master Lucius's?"
The fabric's thick. she thought. It won't be easy getting a needle through it.


Jenny said...

2 things:
1. What is it with me mimicing your titles? I've done it again!

2. I'm confused. Did they hop the gate, or perch on it?


Jenny said...

They perched upon it. And I can't always think of an intelligent title myself.


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