Lys: Willing and Able

Aithne was frightened for a moment, wondering how this man would react to her words.
But he let them pass, leaving her confused. If her master was not Vortigern, who was he?

Before she could apologize, he dissolved into hacking coughs, making her worry- what was wrong? Was it normal? The Guttersnipe's actions seemed to indicate this was something to be expected. Poor man. She wished there was something she could do for him, but the girl was already doing all that Aithne knew to do.

He recovered, and asked her about her abilities. Here was familiar ground. "I've been trained as a lady's maid, sir, but I can also cook, clean, read some Latin, and play the harp and whistle." Her chin lifted. "And I am willing to learn."

She chuckled inwardly. She may not have formally trained to become a bard, but her father had instilled a hunger for knowledge nonetheless.

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