Lys: A Nurse, After All

Aithne looked up. She had escaped another fit only by a very thin margin, but there was no need to tell the Guttersnipe that. Still, she imagined she didn't look much better than the girl at the moment.

"Not as badly as you seemed at first. But I'm going to recommend Wulf take you down to the spring and make you stay there for awhile. Otherwise you'll be looking like a Nubian for the next few days. Lie back down. You can take stock later. Right now you need to claim your rest while you can get it."

She gently pressed the girl back to the pillows, and, for the first time, took a good look at the chamber.

What she saw took her breath away. It was a beautiful room, spacious and well decorated. She would have enjoyed being Gwenhwyfar's maid, but it seemed the Guttersnipe was better qualified, in that she knew something of horses as well.

"We really do need to get you down to the spring. You won't be able to move soon, if we don't."
She'd been where the Guttersnipe was at the moment. Only once, but she'd been there. Thankfully she'd been at a house where the cook knew something about such things, and bathing in fresh-cold spring water did wonders. She was actually able to go back to work the next day.

"I wonder when someone will come?"

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