Lys: Details

"Details. I like that. I'm glad to hear it. I've been in trouble before for too much attention to detail- some people would rather have a job done quickly than well. I'm glad to know Master Lucius is not that kind."

She folded the felt up again, keeping it from dragging in the dust. It was inevitable that it would eventually do so, but the less the better, if smartness was the objective. Turning on the door, she put her back to the doorpost and stretched her legs out in front, balancing them on the thick wood. The door was wide enough that she did not cramp the Guttersnipe in any way. Having found her center of balance, she laid her head back. "Why do we wait for Lady Gwenhwyfar? Should I not start my work immediately?"

The daylight was passing and she was impatient to begin. If she was to speak to Wulf in time to put her plan in motion, and if she was to have time to even cook tonight, she needed to get a good bit under her before dark.

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